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The specific illustration of full steel raised access floor in ceramic

A couple days ago,one customer come to our company,he want to buy the ceramic floor,but he do not know much about that kind of floor,so, in this blog, I want to give you a specific illustration of full steel raised access floor in ceramic. 

The full steel raised access floor with ceramic tile is used the Shanghai bao steel hard cold rolled steel.foaming cement in filled,with ceramic tile on top.and has edge trim in four sides.It has high dimensional precision,and it can be assembly agility.good appearance,high loading capacity,and the stable electric conductivity performance.



the size of the products:








Now you may ask me,why should i choose this kind of floor?Let me tell you some good furthers.

1the full steel raised access floor in ceramic is very heavy,so when people walk on it,there will be no sound.

 2Strong wearability rigidity reach to Morse 7 without radioelement fouling resistant easy to clean.

3Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles.

 At last, I will introduce you the place where this floor can be used. 

Full steel raised access floor in ceramic can be used in the telecommunications, power electronics, microelectronics, medical and other industries program-controlled computer room, computer room, electrical control room, clean purification plant, the fire control room, satellite ground stations, TV transmitters, various types of experimental rooms, offices and other places where has requirement of anti-static.









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