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Three ways distinguish the network floor from the anti-static floor

 1 the occasions of network floor and  anti-static floor

    The network floor is generally used in 5A-class intelligent buildings, Grade A office building, OA office, and occasions which require overhead and large wires.

    Anti-static flooring generally used in the computer room, program-controlled switch room, control room, electricity room, computer center, room, electronic reading room, anti-static clean room and so on.

 2 the consist of network floor and anti-static floor is different

 Network floor is composed of the bare board floor, and pedestal.

 Anti-static floor is composed of antistatic veneer paste, the floor, frame beams,and pedestal.


3The surface tile is different

 After the installation,the surface tile of network floor will be paved by magnetic carpet or magnetic PVC.

 the tile of the anti-static floor should be anti-static HPL tile,or permanent PVC tile.




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