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Buckle Access Floor

Super Lower Access Floor




Buckle Access floor System:

Buckle Access floor System consist of Pedestal and caps. For the pedestal head is Antiflaming Vinyl and with adjustable threaded rod,high loading, light weight. Caps is galvanized steel, Anti-corrosion


Low Energy,Green environment protection,100% recycle.
Light weight,1/3 of common access floor,good loading capacity,reduce the load of building.
High mechanical performance,good fire prevention performance,Lower Noise.
caps is by the design of Plane triangle,stability and never deformation
High precision,good changeable,easy to lie flank before or after wires
Lower installation, lower height designed for the building, lowest height 3.7cm
Mechanical function
Concentrated Loading:≥8850N
Uniform Loading: ≥42581N/
Weight: 14KG/sqm
Fire proof Class: Caps Grad A ,Pedestal FV-0
Working condition Easy to installation even if not professional installer
100% recycle
Pedestal height can be according to the customer requirement.

Compare with Normal Access Floor system:


weight(KG/) Same Loading for the steel’s thickness Recycle
Buckle Access floor System
14 1.5mm steel
No need cement
Normal Access Floor system
≥40 2.0mm/1.5mmsteel cement filled 50%




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